MOSSCon (Midwest Open Source Software Conference) is a non-profit regional Free and Open Source Software conference that intends to bring  together developers, users, thought-leaders and providers to network, learn, and share the common interests on Open Source Software through a combination of tracks, workshops, and keynotes.

Available to both the general public and the technical community, with the lowest price possible, this conference will offer the attendees:

  • Local/Regional/National and International networking for business and new friends worldwide.
  • Hands on training and in depth talks from local and national speakers with a focus on the following subjects:
    • Basics: What is Free and Open Source Software?
    • How it works: How open-source software gets funded and made (e.g. IBM, Cisco, etc.), how OSS communities operate, the beauty of sharing code and data to build a better future
    • Business: How can free and open source software help in economic development of your business?
    • Government: How can OSS support government missions and directives?  Open government data and open data formats for connecting with constituents.
    • Education: Advantages of free and open source software for Education?
    • Non-profit sector: How can public and private institutions benefit from free and open source software?
    • Use and Development: tools, desktop environment and distros, languages, web/web 2.0, standards, multimedia and video production, communities, security, servers, system administration, networks, mobile, databases, cloud computing  and more.

Who is organizing MOSSCon ?

MOSSCon is organized by KYOSS (Kentucky Open Source Software Society) and a group of enthusiasts who share the same vision that the software should be Free and Open to the community to develop and adapt it to their needs.

KYOSS - Kentucky Open Source Society is a group of enthusiasts of all age groups that is established to promote software freedom, open source software, free culture and open knowledge, a global movement that originally started more than 25 years ago.

By organizing this conference we hope to recruit a similar group of activists to work furthermore in Kentucky on these kind of projects.
KYOSS supports local initiatives in helping businesses and individuals move to legally owned software, education about technological standards and openness in culture and knowledge. Our members meet regularly and hold presentations, workshops and trainings all over Louisville and the region for free. The direct function of KYOSS is the  promotion of Software Freedom, Open Source Software and Free Knowledge as well as creating and propagating the awareness of the related philosophical and social questions.

KYOSS officiat website: http://www.kyoss.org


Why do we want to organize this conference ?

Considering that MOSSCon is the first conference of its kind in the state of Kentucky, we are interested in making the conference an annual event that gathers each year a regional audience that will be meeting international, national, and local professionals and academics who will present the latest developments in the global FLOSS community, raise awareness of Open Source Software in the region, to people of any level of knowledge on technology.

MOSSCon will also provide a fertile ground to build and enhance networking within the tech community, both in the local region and worldwide by being used as a meeting point for a network of individuals and companies with the aim of sponsoring and initiating projects which benefit the people in Kentucky and which should also result in commercial benefits for the sorrounding region.